As one of the three entities comprising the global Kantara brand stable, Kantara Initiative Inc is an ethics based, mission-led 501 (c)(6) US incorporated international non profit based business league ‘commons’, passionate about giving people agency over their personal data and giving people confidence to transact in the digital economy. Kantara Initiative, Inc. offers service providers conformity assessment and assurance against well known standards and specifications to assist procurers of those digital services and in turn their customers while also developing specifications from a ‘blank canvas’ to fill emerging industry and marketplace needs until formal standardization bodies can catch up. Beyond its flagship US 800-63-3 and EU eID-assisting Identity Assurance Trust Framework, developing initiatives including ground-breaking User Managed Access (EIC Award Winner for Innovation in Information Security 2014) base-lined for Healthcare and Financial Services globally and the GDPR-compliance assisting Consent Receipt specification, Kantara Initiative  Inc connects a global, open, and transparent leadership community, sustained by Experian, ForgeRock, Digi.me and the Internet Society.

Identity at the Center of Digital Transformation

Organizations of all types are faced with permanent change – in technology, markets, business models, and regulation. This continuously changing environment applies to organizations big and small, both domestic and global. Services that leverage digital identity and personal data are becoming pervasive and the identity data of people, organisations, applications and devices represents a user’s digital DNA and lie at the heart of a thriving digital economy.

We see the transformation cycle as a 4-stage process:


Get Ahead of the Curve

Few, if any, organizations can succeed at every stage of transformation in isolation. Kantara Initiative brings together the right thought leaders and industry representation – vendors, adopters, governments, standards bodies – to address all four stages.

Our Mission: Kantara is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization, and good practice.

Our Vision: Ensure secure, identity-based, online interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more trustworthy environments. Nuture, innovate, operate – that’s what we do.


  • Bring vendors, deployers, individuals, and organizations together to accelerate digital marketplace adoption through the development of specifications and the operation of conformity assessment based assurance and operation of Trust Frameworks in a open community collaboration
  • Connect technical, business, legal, and policy experience to achieve holistic & trusted identity management solutions
  • Operate and maintain an open and democratic governance model with no financial barrier to participation
  • Provide an operational structure with nimble processes, procedures, and oversight, together with a viable financial model
  • Commit to open standards and encourage interoperable implementations from both the COTS product and open source development communities
  • Foster positive dialogue across all relevant organizations to assure coordination, harmonization, and re-use of all applicable open content (specs, policy, etc.)
  • Develop, operate and maintain Trust Framework, R&D and interoperability programs with strong branding to advance the state of the art for the betterment of industry and its customers.