Supporting Templates – Service Provider Approval


Application stages

1) Initial Application

The applicant should submit an Initial Application Package, essentially to introduce themselves and their service to Kantara, defining the scope and nature of their service, and other essential information, including which SAC and specific criteria therein they believe are applicable to their service.

Purpose: This stage is the Assurance Review Board’s first formal notification of the Service Providers’s (SP) intentions to have their service assessed and is the ARB’s opportunity to ensure that, prior to any assessment commencing, the SP understands what is expected of them, that they have accepted their obligations through the appropriate agreements, that the service is, in principle, suitable for Approval by Kantara, subject to the service being found conformant to the applicable criteria, and that an appropriate set of criteria have been identified and which align to the description of the service.

Initial Application Package: The collection of documentation required to make an initial application to Kantara to have a service registered and to be able to engage an Accredited Assessor for the performance of an Assessment. Documents: Application for Service Approval; Outline Specification of a Service Subject to Assessment (S3A); Outline Statement of Conformity (SoC);

Next steps: Be Assessed & Address Findings. Assurance Review Board accepts the initial application and applicant selects and engages a Kantara Accredited Assessor. Applicant completes a Detailed S3A to define the assessment scope. Accredited Assessor conducts assessment relative to appropriate Service Assessment Criteria. Accredited Assessor produces a Kantara Assessor Report (KAR). Applicant works with the Assessor to address non-conforming service areas.

2) Apply for Kantara Approval following the Assessment by an Accredited Assessor

Approval Package: the collection of documentation required to apply for Kantara’s Approval of a registered service following its Assessment and a finding of conformity. Applicant submits the full approval package, including, Kantara Assessor’s Report (KAR), completed Statement of Conformity (SoC), detailed Service Subject to Assessment (S3A) and updated application form.

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