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Share experience in identity federation and electronic identities – Sept. 28, 2011, Sweden

Trust and usability are prerequisites for the development of commercial, administrative, social media and other e-services. To enable trust and usability today, secure and easy-to-use e-identification is in the users, service providers and the public interest. Identity federation is a solution that is now beginning to spread and gain in […]

Matthew Gardiner with CA Blogs: Kantara Initiative Takes an Important Step to Formalizing the Establishment of Trust on the Internet – Greasing the Skids of Inter-Organizational Commerce

The Kantara Initiative yesterday announced the formation of the Identity Assurance Review Board (ARB).  This is a tangible example of the Kantara Initiative delivering on the non-technology related, identity meta-issues that I alluded to in my last Kantara Initiative blog.   I think in a few years we will look […]